50th YEAR


Feb 2017



Dear Friends,


In the 50th year USAID reunion and TET Dinh Dau party,

we plan to have 3 events:


1.  Saturday Feb 18, 2017:


Picnic and hiking at Point Lobos State Park in Carmel, CA.

Everyone is welcome

We all meet at the gate of this park at 10 AM, Feb 18, 2017

Bring your own lunch



2.  Sunday Feb 19, 2017:


Our major reunion & TET party in San Jose

for all USAID groups 1, 2 and 3 and friends.

The celebration party will be held at


Flourishing Seafood Restaurant

1650 Monterey Rd

San Jose, CA 95112


from 4:00 PM to 11:00 PM.


Dinner will be served at 5:30 PM

with your choice of regular or vegetarian meals.


Cost: $40 each person (dinner and prizes)


Deadline: Jan 31, 2019


Please send check or money order to:


Han Le

375 Destino Circle,

San Jose, CA 95133


Home phone: (408) 844-3507

Cell phone:      (408) 722-5626



1. Asparagus Soup with Crabmeat (Soup măng cua)

2. Walnut prawns (Tôm chiên Walnut)

3. Bokchoy with garlic (Cải trắng xào tỏi)

4. Salt and pepper fish ( rang muối)

5. Roast Duck (Vịt quay da ḍn)

6. Mongolian Beef ( xào mông cổ)

7. Special pork sparerib (Sườn chiên đặc biệt)

8. Yangchow Fried Rice (Cơm chiên Dương Châu)

9. Dessert: sweet green or black  bean (Tráng miệng: chè)

Drink:  Coke + 7 up



3.  Tuesday Feb 21, 2017:


Southern California Re-union at 12:00 noon to 6:00PM

Food to be served at 12:30PM

Place:     Bleu Restaurant

                14160 Beach Blvd

                Westminster, CA 92683

                Phone: (714) 903-7770

Cost:       $20 per person



Thank you


Han Le

That Dang

Nguyen Duy Noi

Hua Tu Cuong